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Jr Board Giving Back

The Jr Board Members of Ally G's Everyday Angels Foundation consists of: Reese, Nicole and Ava.

Their help at our last Designer Handbag Bingo Event was invaluable and we are so grateful for everything they do.

Team Pajamas.jpg

Project Name:

Team Pajamas

Team Pajamas is a hospital program out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It is an AMAZING cause founded by Peggy Skudera from McLeod Health Seacoast, a hospital in Little River, South Carolina. The program was founded when patients checking out of the hospital were complaining that it was too loud at night, and it was hard to go to sleep, and get the much needed rest, required to be healthy again.

So, Peggy took this into consideration, and created Team Pajamas, a volunteer program for high school students in myrtle beach who spend evening hours at the hospital, pushing a cart around to the bedside of patients, offering them tea, water, chocolate, blankets, and small activities to do while they get ready to fall asleep. 

Our Jr Board Member, Nicole brought this idea up to us, and we raised over $350 dollars to donate to this cause at our charity Handbag Bingo. With these funds, we purchased to following items to fill the cart; a variety of lavender teas, Hersey Kisses, fuzzy socks, adult coloring books, crossword/activity books, and colored pencils. 

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